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Wine Gift Packs

Looking for the perfect gift for family and friends?

Know that family member who just loves to talk about wine all the time?

Or how about that friend who always brings out an amazing bottle of wine with every meal? Then this is the perfect gift for them!

How impressed will they be that you have got them a wine pack from Cellar Cru!

Each pack will contain not only wine, but also a 12 month subscription to the digital edition of Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine, expert tasting notes for each wine, a recipe card as well as other goodies.

Also each gift pack can come presented with a personalised gift message and delivered directly to their door.

Do you want to take the personalisation to the next level? Have Plumm Sommelier Series wine glasses etched with a message, logo or name.

Look out for our Cellar Cru Gift Vouchers

Coming soon!

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