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Tar & Roses Nebbiolo – Heathcote 2018

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Nebbiolo is thought to derive its name from the Italian nebbia or Piedmontese nebia, meaning “fog”. During harvest, which generally takes place late in October, a deep, intense fog sets into the Langhe region where many nebbiolo vineyards are located.

Wines made from nebbiolo are characterized by their ample amounts of acidity and tannin. Most examples are wines built for aging and some of the highest quality vintages can continue to improve in the bottle for upward of 30 years. As nebbiolo ages, the bouquet becomes more complex and appealing with aromas of tar and roses being the two most common notes.

Don Lewis & Narelle King together saw each other as the tar & rose, along with a shared passion for nebbiolo and were the original team Tar & Roses until Don’s passing.

Narelle describes the wine’s nose as “Wet bitumen on a hot summer’s day melds with floral notes, damp earth and hints of
leather and cranberry”, and “Fine substantial tannin on the palate, dried petals plus earthy tar, elegant and long.”


Tar & Roses


Narelle King






Australia, Heathcote

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