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Grape Varieties

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Pinot Noir – The New World

Pinot noir is a beguiling grape in all its guises whether drunk as a single varietal wine, as a rosé or as part of the blend of grapes in champagne. Pinot noir’s long Burgundian history helps its prestige. The French region’s Benedictine and Cistercian monks first ‘discovered’ pinot noir’s pleasures a millennia ago. Louis XIV…

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People enjoying red wine in the sunlight

Pinot Noir in Australia

Until recently, Australia’s wine lovers maintained a singular love for shiraz, the most planted variety in the country. Its big, bold and rich personality dominated the drinking landscape, leaving faint-hearted reds in its wake. But while shiraz is still the most planted variety in the country, a new red is stealthily winning over drinkers with…

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Chardonnay is the most planted grape in the world, and for good reason. It’s the backbone of many sparkling wines, and in a glass of chardonnay itself, you can find great diversity. Everything from the soil, to the barreling, to the climate of the region can impact its taste. And while it hasn’t been at…

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Cheers to Champagne

From ‘christening’ ships to toasting in the New Year, champagne has become synonymous with celebration. But why on special occasions, when there are so many types of wine to choose from, do we tend to reach for a bottle of the famous sparkling white wine? According to historians, it all comes down to a sophisticated…

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