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Food & Wine Pairing


Riesling has a long history, and there are several written references to the variety dating from the 15th century in Germany. Riesling was sometimes claimed to have originated from wild vines of the Rhine region, without much support to back up that claim. More recently, DNA fingerprinting by Ferdinand Regner indicated that one parent of…

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Rose and food celebration

Matching Australian Food Flavours

Australia is renowned for its quality produce; from our bush tucker to our food basket regions, we are the lucky country when it comes to the unique morsels we can enjoy on our plates. You’ve most likely tried kangaroo, but there may be a few flavoursome fruits, seafood, herbs or spices you’re yet to sample.…

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People enjoying red wine in the sunlight

Pinot Noir in Australia

Until recently, Australia’s wine lovers maintained a singular love for shiraz, the most planted variety in the country. Its big, bold and rich personality dominated the drinking landscape, leaving faint-hearted reds in its wake. But while shiraz is still the most planted variety in the country, a new red is stealthily winning over drinkers with…

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People enjoying white wine in summer


Chardonnay is the most planted grape in the world, and for good reason. It’s the backbone of many sparkling wines, and in a glass of chardonnay itself, you can find great diversity. Everything from the soil, to the barreling, to the climate of the region can impact its taste. And while it hasn’t been at…

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