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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Basically, our story is a simple one – we love good wine made and nurtured by amazing viticulturists and winemakers.

Even better is a glass of wine with friends and family – if that is white on a summer’s day, a robust red around an open fire or a sparkling wine to celebrate an occasion, we love them all!

However, we were tired of seeing large e-commerce players selling their ‘own’ brand wine and claiming how good the wines were or how much of a discount they were giving – this is not what wine should be about.

So we decided to do something about it, partnering with only real, credible and well respected wineries from around Australia and the rest of the world, so you too can share in our passion and love of wine!

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Why Cellar Cru?

The literal French meaning of ‘cru’ is growth and can be seen on French wine labels as Premier Cru or Grand Cru and showcases vineyards of superior quality and guess what… That is exactly what we believe in, superior quality wine that you too will enjoy, be it from France, Australia or anywhere else from around the world.

Our Mission:

  • To enable the discovery of authentic and outstanding wine that you too will love!
  • Create a ‘Cru’ of likeminded enthusiasts of wine, food and everything it brings.
  • Celebrate the amazing wine industry we belong to.
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Meet Andrew & Amanda:

Every great wine has an interesting story to tell. Andrew and Amanda have a shared passion for passing on these stories one glass or (more often bottle) at a time.

Andrew discovered his passion for good wine made and nurtured by amazing viticulturists and wine makers from his family wine retail business over 20 years ago. Respecting the devotion family businesses require, he loves supporting the wineries and wine makers who’ve also got strong family ties. Andrew’s extensive relationships in the wine industry have allowed Cellar Cru access to premium and hard to come by wines, while ensuring great value is always at the heart.

After successfully running his family independent wine retailer, working for wine companies both in Australia and London and creating a wine event and education centre, Andrew then went on to work as the buyer for Australia’s largest fine wine specialist, before establishing Cellar Cru in 2019.

Amanda brings her marketing expertise, creative flair and love of connecting people to the Cru. With extensive travels to wine regions around the world, Amanda complements the offerings with her shared knowledge and appreciation of wine.

Andrew, Amanda and the team at Cellar Cru are hands on, tasting every wine before selecting them to put them in our Discovery, Corporate Gift or Subscription packs. This enables the Cru to be able to stand behind every bottle we provide.

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